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Ingersoll Rand 05H25NGSX

The Ingersoll Rand Model 05H25NGSX is a simplex self-contained compressor package that includes carefully matched components that are pre-piped, pre-wired, tested, and proven reliable in operation.  With an inlet gas pressure of 5 psig, the 05H25NGSX will have a flow capacity of 28 scfm and a design pressure of 5,000 psig.

Compressor: The package includes one (1) air-cooled Ingersoll Rand natural gas compressor engineered specifically for refueling applications.  The multistage compressor is complete with cooling fan, inter-stage intercoolers and aftercoolers, ASME relief valves, and separators.

Electric Motor Drive: The package includes one (1) 1800 rpm, totally enclosed, explosion-proof electric motor rated for 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz.  The motor is complete with V-belt drive, belt tightener, full-voltage motor starter, and totally enclosed metal belt guard with antistatic belts.  Alternative electrical configurations are available upon request.

Automatic Condensate Drain System: An automatic condensate drain system regularly dumps liquids collected by separators into a gas recovery tank at user-selected intervals.

Safety Controls: The Ingersoll Rand package includes the following electric shutdown controls as standard trim: Low/high inlet (suction) pressure, high discharge pressure, discharge control pressure, high fourth stage discharge temperature, excessive motor starts, low crankcase oil level, main motor/starter overload, and emergency shutdown switch.

The Ingersoll Rand package includes a Frank W. Murphy CNG Level II control panel for automatic start/stop operation.  The panel, as well as the entire package, is rated for NEC Class 1, Group D, Div 2.  The panel includes the following: Murphy Swichgages, LCD annunciator panel (system status display) including first out alarm, hour meter, and keyed off/auto switch displayed in a weather tight panel.  Additional features are available.

Please contact us to learn about this product’s inlet system, gas recovery system, discharge system, and other product details.