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Regardless of your CNG fuel system size or the number of vehicles being fueled, you will want to keep it running at its best for as long as possible.  In addition to choosing reliable fueling equipment, you will want to implement preventative and scheduled maintenance programs to eliminate oil and other contaminants from the fuel stream and minimize station downtime.

A CNG fueling system is a major investment requiring dedicated service that will always be available to ensure you get the most out of your investment.  Tri-State Meter provides a comprehensive CNG fueling system maintenance program designed to maximize your station's reliability.  Our team of experienced CNG fueling system technicians perform preventative and scheduled maintenance at each CNG fueling station.  They are able to respond 24/7 to resolve urgent issues quickly and effectively.

In our service warehouse, we maintain significant inventories of spare parts and supplies for the CNG fueling systems we maintain.  We also keep many long-lead time parts in stock to prevent unnecessary station downtime.

At Tri-State Meter, we work with you to understand your requirements and design the best CNG fueling system that will meet your needs and save your company time and money.  We will work with you on your vehicle CNG conversion process, your CNG fueling system design, installation, startup, training, and follow-on service.  Email us at or call us at (800) 365-1987 for more information.