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Sensit (J&N enterprises) has bee manufacturing quality gas detection products sisnce 1980. The products are easy to use state-of-the-art instruments helping you protect life, property and the environment from combustibles, toxic gases, and refrigerant gases.

Sensit Godl CGI
Gas Detection System

Makes finding gas leaks simple, fast and easy. It's durable design and easy operation will make finding gas leaks fast and accurate. The bright LCD display shows all gas concentrations simultaneously fulfilling any confined space entry requirements. A bar-hole test button helps accurately locate below ground leaks while an operator controlled tick rate assists in finding leaks on exposed piping faster than ever.

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Sensit HXG-3
Combustible Gas Leak Dectector

State of the art combustible gas leak detector capable of sensisng many combustible gases such as methan, propane and natural gas. The backlit LCD display shows percent lower explosive limit (LEL) and part-per million (ppm) simutaneously for accurate detection and analysis. Audible and visual alarms warn of potential hazardous conditions.

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Combustible Gas Indicator

Locates gas leaks, monitor for oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and/or carbon monoxide with the most rugged combustible gas indicator built today. This CGI has many high tech features protected by its robust yet lightweight stainless steel housing. The large easy to read display continuously updates the user of gas concentrations

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Portable Methane Detector

Using the latest FILTERED INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY technolgo, the Sensit PMD allows user to perform gas leak surveys fast, accurately and at the lowest operation cost

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