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Digital Indicators

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1800 Series Attachable Loop-Powered

  • High accuracy 4 mA to 20 mA loop-powered indicators for NOSHOK 300, 
    600, 615, 616 and 800 Series transmitters
  • Can be fitted to NOSHOK pressure transmitters utilizing a 4 mA to 20 mA 
    output signal and the Hirschmann (DIN 43650A) connector
  • Easily inserted between the transmitter body and the connector
  • Programmable to display a range of -1999 to 9999; may be tilted for 
    better viewing
  • User selectable digital filtering improves readability in rapidly varying 
    pressure applications
  • All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory so that reprogramming 
    is not necessary in the event of a power failure

Brochure: PDF

1900C Series Compact Loop-Powered

  • Provides compact digital display of any desired unit of pressure, temperature, 
    level, force, or flow measurement
  • Dual range 4 mA to 20 mA or 10 mA to 50 mA
  • 3-1/2 digit, 0.6" high display with a span range of 0 to 1999
  • Positive image reflective LCD is standard; red or yellow/green back-lit 
    versions optional
  • Span and zero offset capabilities
  • Negative pressure and overpressure indication
  • Selectable decimal point position
  • Compact, lightweight, impact-resistant NEMA 4X, IP65 housing with sealed 
    front bezel
  • Fits DIN standard cut-out 2.68" (68mm) x 1.30" (33mm)
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI, and ESD

Brochure: PDF

1950 Series Compact Smart System

  • Offers all the features of a full size panel meter in a compact digital display for
    pressure, flow, level, force, and temperature measurement
  • 5 digit, 0.48" LCD display with a span range of -9999 to 99999
  • Reflective LCD display; or green backlighting optional
  • Display is fully expandable to accomodate applications requiring relays, 
    dual sinking outputs, and serial communications by RS232 or RS485
  • Fully scalable & field upgradable
  • Simple programming through front panel
  • Compact, lightweight, impact-resistant NEMA 4X, IP65 housing with sealed
    front bezel
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI, and ESD
  • Relay, communications and dual sinking output option cards available

Brochure: PDF

2000 & 2100 Series Smart System

  • Accepts a variety of standard process signals and precisely scales them into any desired unit of measurement
  • Single input or dual input
  • Employs advanced technology for stable, drift-free readout
  • Field upgradeable with plug-in option cards; including 4 set point alarms, analog output and serial communication
  • 24 Vdc transmitter power supply
  • 16 point scaling for non-linear processes
  • Max. and min. value display
  • Easy menu-driven programming
  • NEMA 4X/IP65 sealed front bezel
  • Optional PC software available for configuration
  • AC or DC input power
  • Signal totalizer for batch weighing or other timed input processes
  • Programmable signal response time
  • Standard DIN panel cutout
  • CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI, and ESD

Brochure: PDF

2200 Series Dual Display

  • Accepts a wide variety of input signals including thermocouples or RTDs, current, voltage, resistance and process signals
  • Dual display with tri-color and variable intensity digits
  • Universal AC/DC power input and 24 Vdc sensor excitation
  • Built-in USB port for configuring with a computer
  • Meter update rate up to 160/second
  • Plug-in option cards available for field upgrading
  • Interface software available on request

Brochure: PDF