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Natural Gas and Propane Odorant

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Odor-Tech odorant meets today's gas distribution markets and strives to exceed customer expectations. Odor-Tech provides Spotleak blends for natural gas odorization as well as Ethyl Mercaptan for propane and butane odorization.

Tri State Meter stores and distributes Odor-Tech products to municipalities and customers in the southeastern region of the United States. Give us a call for your odorant needs. We are happy to provide ordorant delivery services to you.


Odor-Tech's odor neutralizer for gas odorants

O-Scent OC quickly neutralizes gas odor smells efficiently. Diluted in water, O-Scent chemically bonds to odor causing molecules and neutralizes them.

O-scent is not a cover-up but leaves behind a light and fresh scent.

O-Scent Antifreeze ensures effective odor control in winter conditions. It can be used at tempertures of 32°F (0°C) down to -20°F (-29°C).

O-Scent products are key products for emergency odorant spill protocol.

Available 24-oz bottles and 1 gallon jug
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SDS: O-Scent OC
SDS: O-Scent Antifreeze

The finer the mist, the better
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