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Catco Catalytic Heater

Product Offering Overview
An overview of common applications for catalytic heaters in oil and gas industry and how they work


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Instrument Gas Heater
Model 2600

Catco Catalytic heaters are ideal for preventing freezing in pilot actuated regulators. Catalytic heaters operate at surface temperature of 600-800°F much lower than open flame. These heaters are a safe source of heat in combustible gas or liquid environments.

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Enclosure Packages for 627 and 630 Regulator

Prevent freezing in "Big Joe" and "Little Joe" type regulators safety and efficiently with Catco enclosure packages

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Enclosure Packages for Common Motor Valves

The most cost effective and efficient way to prevent freezing in Kimray, Fisher, Norriseal and other motor valves

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Enclosure Packages for Common Chokes
Prevent freezing in variable and fixed orifice flow control valves as Merla, Tejas and other chokes.

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Enclosure Packages for High Pressure instrumentation regulators
Prevent freezing in small capacity, high pressure regulators exposed to high pressure drops.

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Pipeline Packs for gas preheating

Apply heat to a gas pipeline with the simple to install, small footprint and silent pipeline packs.

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Catco Accessories
Catco catalytic Heater company provides a variety of parts and accessories for use with catalytic heaters. All parts and accessories are designed to enhance the effectiveness and the safe operation of catalytic heaters
Expanded Trouble Shooting


Thermostat Installation


Exterran (Indirect heater)

Indirect heaters (Water Bath Heater)

Indirect heaters provide a means of transferring heat from a bath of water to flowing liquids, such as gas or liquids, enclosed in pressure containing pipes. safe and economical means of providing heat to pipeline gases at high volume flows thank the smaller heater packages are capable of applying Indirect Heaters are built specifically for each application.

Please call for ordering your indirect heater today.

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