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Milton Roy YZ Systems

Our product line focuses on moving specific amounts of fluid into or out of a pipeline. Basically that's what we do, and we do it very well. Weather your need is odorization, chemical injection, or sampling we can meet your need with engineered systems that perform.

YZ's product line offers systems devoted to a variety of industries such as:

NJEX 6300/7300/8300

The NJEX series odorization systems represent the leading technology in placing Ethyl Mercaptan, AKA odorant, into natural gas flow streams. These systems are engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of liquid odorant into each cubic foot, or meter, of gas that flows down the pipeline.

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  • Features
  • Information
  • Options
  • ASME coded vessels
  • Electronic odorant level gauge
  • Capacities
    • 20-2000 US gallon
    • Custom dimensions or larger available
  • Odorant compatable valve package
  • Relief Valve
  • High gloss, industrial grade coating process
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Capacities
    • 20-2000 gallon
    • Custom dimensions or larger size
  • Configurations
    • Rail skid
    • Containment skid
    • Pro-tank (stand alone)
  • Storage tank capacities
    • 20 gallon
    • 60 gallon
    • 120 gallon
    • 250 gallon
    • 500 gallon
    • 1000 gallon
    • 2000 gallon
    • Customer dimension or larger sizes
  • Configurations
    • Rail skid
    • Containment skid
    • Pro-tank (stand alone)



DTEX Odorant Detection System

DTEX incorporates microprocessor technology to ensure the safe use of natural gas. Targeted toward meeting the standards where the scent of odorant must be readily detectable by the human nose, the DTEK blends precise misgtrure of air and gas to meet odorant survey test criteria and then records the data.

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Simple is usually beter, that's what the DynaPak series of pipeline mounted sampling systems provide.


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Light Liquid Sampling Systems, LPR & PNR

The LPR-2 and PNR-2 sampling systems are designed to accurately and dependably sample light liquid hydrocarbons by combining thousands of individual samples into a composit sample of the flowing pipeline.


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Crude Oil Sampling Systems, CPR & CNR

The CPR-2 and CNR-2 sampling systems are designed to accurately and dependable sample crude oil by conbining thousands of individual samples intoa composit sample of the flowing pipline

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Dura Site Sample Cylinder 300

Designed to maintain the phase of the sampled fluid, the DuraSite constant Pressure Sample Cylinder features a free-floating piston design to retain the sampled product and pre-charge pressure.


Cyclone Meter lubrication

Turbine meter bearing sets are expensive to replace. If they run low or out of lubricant the cost can add up to thousands of dollars in unaccounted for revenue. It's a problem that has been around for a while and with reduced maintenance teams, it's become a costly issue.

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Spotleak blends for natural gas odorization as well as Ethyl Mercaptan for propane and butane odorization.

Tri State Meter stores and distributes Odor-Tech products to municipalities and customers in the southeastern region of the United States.

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