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Have you chosen the best company to service your natural gas odorant needs? If you use Tri-State Meter and Regulator Service, the answer is yes!

Partner with us

In business since 1957, Tri-State Meter and Regulator Service is a second-generation, family-owned business and a leader in distribution and service for natural gas and liquid management products.

  • Our professional staff is DOT OQ trained to install, load and perform maintenance on bypass and pump style odorizers.
  • We respond promptly to situations regarding filling tanks or system repair. We deliver odorant all over the Southeast.
  • We partner with Arkema to provide high quality odorants with strong odor at low concentration and the best soil penetrability of all mercaptans.
  • We design, install and maintain odorizer facilities. YZ Systems utilizes a piston-driven injection pump system that delivers a small amount of liquid odorant from a storage tank into the gas stream.

We can serve your needs

Our field service technicians are equipped to provide a wide range of services including:

  • Filling on location
  • "Close-loop" vapor recovery system
  • Bulk tank delivery in conjunction with Arkema
  • Contract odorization
  • Turn-key operations
  • Odorant tank decommissioning
  • Odorant system field repair


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