Let our experts at Tri-State Meter and Regulator Service design and fabricate your next meter and regulator set. We incorporate quality, accurate components using designs that make it easy on you. Our experience and knowledge gives us the capability of incorporating flexibility in our meter and regulator sizes and types to insure your meter and regulator sets are compact and easy to handle. We will even identify the correct contact point for the support stands we offer to relieve any stress on the meter and ensure long life and good low flow accuracy.

Working closely with you, we can help you determine your meter and regulator set needs to include temperature compensation, correctors, or fix factoring, then following your guidelines we will give you our best possible price. We will also help you plan and prepare for the future by providing inlet and outlet pressure reference points and inlet and outlet test ports.

We are committed to helping you serve your customers. Therefore, we keep a large inventory of materials enabling us to offer you more options and to help meet your needs as quickly as possible.

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