A Focus On Safety

With federal emissions standards and practices changing regularly, it can be daunting to keep up with everything you need to know to stay compliant with natural gas emissions. That's why we're here to address your compliance questions and concerns.

Our expert technicians provide an array of services for natural gas system inspections:

  • Emissions monitoring
  • Regulator inspections
  • Federal emissions compliance
  • Relief valve testing
  • OQ training
  • Combustion inspections

Less Methane

Years ago, Tri-State Meter and Regulator Service switched from low-flow and critical provers to using Dresser transfer provers. Rather than blowing gas to the atmosphere, as with low and critical-flow provers, the ROOTS prover transfers air to test the accuracy of gas meters.

Easier Testing

Flow Safe relief valves offer test connections that allow you to test the pilot function of reliefs without lifting the full seat. Piping can be added to most relief pilots to allow for testing practices that lower or eliminate natural gas emissions.

Controlled Inspections

We also offer regulator and relief inspections where we incorporate shut-in test and flow control tests without blowing gas to the atmosphere. We are also set up to test reliefs using nitrogen if a full valve seat lift is needed.

Remote Monitoring

With SCADA technology, we can set up a remote monitoring system for your regulator station so that you can regularly check the gas pressure of your system without the hassle of needing to constantly travel out to the station.