12DDG/15DDG Pressure Gauge

12DDG/15DDG Pressure Gauge

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The Ashcroft® 12DDG/15DDG direct drive gauges are an economical solution for measuring pressures within very limited space installations.

Accuracy Dial  Size and Case Material Ranges
Standard: ±2% at setpoint (setpoint is usually 50% of range) UL Listed: ±3.5% of span in middle three fifths of scale 1 1/4", 1.5" Stainless Steel 0/60 psi (180°arc), 0/100 psi, 0/160 psi, 0/200 psi, 0/300 psi (235° arc), 0/700 psi (200° arc), 0/1200 psi (180° arc), 0/1500 psi, 0/2000 psi, 0/3000 psi, 0/4000 psi (165° arc)




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