Gas Micro Corrector

Gas Micro Corrector

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Galvanic Gas Micro models:

  • GM 100
  • GM 200
  • GM 300
  • GM 500
  • GM 600
  • GM 1000


Product features:

  • User-friendly GasMicro IMACS® Windows® PC software with point-&-click/drop-&-drag functionality for easy local or remote configuration
  • Fully configurable Modbus (Enron RTU) & three levels of password protection for optimal Specifications
  • Automated options include: automated meter reading/reporting & configurable alarms capable of initiating automatic dial-out alarm or email notifications
  • AGA 7 & AGA 8 volume-correction calculation methods
  • Instrument mount with integrated pulse generator for turbine, rotary, diaphragm or positive-displacement meter with optional remote pulse configuration to receive a pulse from the meter or any other pulse output device
  • Pulse outputs for controlling odorant or other process devices
  • Reverse flow and rocking-detection compensation
  • Long battery life with redundant supplies using alkaline or lithium batteries
  • Solar power or external 110VAC – 12VDC switching supply available
  • Rugged design with industrial components and four-year comprehensive warranty
  • Redundant mechanical backup measurement for continuous measurement – even with electronic failure!




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